Thin Films & Nanotechnologies

Near field scanning optical microscopes (SNOM)

Based on a new revolutionary technology, neaSNOM is a unique microscope available on the market capable of imaging and spectroscopy in the visible, infrared and even terahertz spectral region at only 10 nm spatial resolution. This is the reason why the neaSNOM is the ideal tool for cutting-edge nanoanalytic applications such as chemical nano-composition (nano-FTIR-mode), nano-plasmonic fields, nanoscale stress/strain fields and free charge carrier distributions.

Thin Film Deposition Systems

The HEX series from KORVUS TECHNOLOGY UK is a compact and highly flexible range of deposition systems which allow the user complete freedom to reconfigure the equipment to suit their current experimental needs or for a future change of direction. The system can be purchased at the most basic level and later upgraded to a sophisticated deposition and analysis tool as funds allow.
Some of the typical applications for the HEX thin film deposition system are lift off, EM sample preparation, contact metallization, research and development of new coatings and sputter deposition, however the modular design of the system allow it to be reconfigured in minutes and ensure that it can be used for many more applications.

Cryogenic research platforms for imaging on the nanoscale

Together with attocube systems AG, INOESY offers Cryogenic measurement instrumentation, including low vibration closed-cycle cryostats, a cryo-optical table and various low temperature & high magnetic field compatible measurement tools, allowing for research techniques such as confocal & RAMAN microscopy as well as electrical and photonic measurement platforms. Nano-precise piezo positioning stages and a high-precision laser displacement sensor for high-accuracy motion and sensing applications complete the portfolio.