Laboratory and Industry

Lasers and Add-ons

Together with Amplitude France, INOESY offers a wide portofolio of lasers (femtosecond lasers, nanosecond lasers, etc) and add-ons for industry, medical domain or science.

Lab instruments

Laboratory equipment: Centrifuges, Autoclaves, Dry Cabinets, Water Distillation, Hotplates, Homogenizers, Incubators, Microscopes, Reactors, Shakers, Vacuum Pumps, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Vortex

Analytical equipment: Atomic Absorption, Calorimeters, Chromatography GC, Digestion, Elisa Microplates, Fiber Analyzer, Flame Photometers, Flash Point, Food Analyzers, FTIR, Gas Generators, Kjeldahl Method, Milk Analysis, Osmometers, Particle Analyzers, Soxhelt

Balances: Analytical, Density, Medical, Microbalances, Moisture, Platform, Precision, Technical, Weights Calibration

Measuring meters: Air Flow, Angle/Incline, Boroscope, Calibration, Calipers, Cavitation,Color, Conductivity, Displacement, Electro Magnetic, Fluorometers, Force, Frequency, Function Generators, Insulation, Magnetic Radiation, Moisture in Oil, Oscilloscope, Oxygen-Dissolved, PH, Polarimeter, Refractometers, Spectrophotometer Raman, Spectrophotometers, Stroboscopes, Turbidity, Vacuum, Water Activity

Material testing: Abrasion, Colour Comparision Cabinets, Compresion/Tensile, Corrosion, Deflectometer, Hardness, Hardness-Rubber & Plastic, Heat Deflection Tester, Impact, Melt Flow Indexer, Samples Preparation, Spectrometers-XRF, UV, UV Chambers

Clean room:  Particle Counters, Air Purify, Air Sampler, Clean Benches

V-One PCB Printer

Together with VOLTERA, INOESY offers V-One (a multi-functional circuit printer), which will optimize R&D productivity at any desk. It comes with all accessories needed to get started with printing, soldering, reflow and drilling a PCB.

V-one is addressed to: